Identity theft protection is in the midst of significant change. With the awareness among consumers of the risks related to identity theft, the demand has dramatically increased. Frontline is on the forefront of these changes.

Our service is delivered through our Brokers who service employers and membership organizations. FRONTLINE brokers enable employees and members the opportunity to protect their identity in conjunction with the additional benefits they provide. In fact, our FRONTLINE 4 STAR BROKERS PROVIDE PROTECTION FREE TO INDIVIDUALS when you take the opportunity to meet with them. They will get you enrolled and protected on the spot.

With over 15 years of experience, we have a unique perspective on THE PROTECTION THAT YOU ACTUALLY NEED. We see so many misleading features being offered such as Service Guarantees that do not cover you for money stolen via fraudulent fund transfers, identity recovery that is assisted and that leaves all the work to you, costly features that you can actually access for free such as your credit scores and reports, monitoring that adds little or no value and features that may sound great, but that we feel strongly are simply unnecessary.

With over 904 million personal files exposed via data breaches since 2005, chances are we are all exposed. It takes an individual an average of 200 hours to recover ones identity to pre-theft status.

At FRONTLINE, we provide real features that address this risk head-on. If a member ever becomes a victim, our professionals do all the work in the effort to recover your identity to pre-theft status. And our monitoring strikes at the heart of the problem and if we find your personal information available in the black market to be bought and sold, we will spring into action to help develop a strategy to keep you safe.

At Frontline, we are passionate about PROVIDING THE PROTECTION THAT YOU ACTUALLY NEED and we are dedicated to FIGHTING TO DEFEND YOUR IDENTITY.

- Your Frontline Team

For more information contact us at info@frontlineidentity.com.